The Unbearable Lightness of Blogging (and Everything Else)

For years I entertained the thought of writing a blog. Never got 'round to it though! Why was it so hard until now? It all came down to one thing: FEAR - fear of rejection, failure, complete writer's block. Simultaneously, I felt nauseous holding myself back. Seems like something that many of us can relate to but were we always like this?


My mother told me that as a young girl I fell into near ecstacy seeing a talented figure skater gliding on ice. I expressed my willingness to "be like her". Yet, I never pursued the dream, deeming it somehow beyond my reach, myself not worthy of such grace and beauty. What a strange mindset, really.


I'm sure we're all very different - some of us just push through and even convince people around us of the necessity of our endeavours, people like gymnast Simone Biles, the best female gymnast in the world. She convinced her parents that she needed to move away from home at a young age to pursue her dreams, and despite rigorous opposition she held her ground. But who opposed me in my pursuits? NO ONE but my own inability to envision my own worthiness.

Most of us aren't like Simone Biles. We need constant encouragement, but that might not always be around in our immediate proximity, or in ourselves. My figure skating days are over, but what's the solution for today's little girls and boys? It's pretty simple really: we adults need to work on our own self-worthiness and share our realizations with the world, especially with young people. Not just those fate has thrown in our life as biological children but everyone and anyone that might need some encouragement and vision in their lives! We need to shine the light in their lives and make them aware of their own worthiness - that might be enough for them to figure (skate) the rest out for themselves.

FYI I did take up figure skating as a teenager, and it was fun -  I learnt a couple of things and enjoyed it! Now, as I'm starting my blogging journey I'm constantly reminding myself of my innate self-worth, my right to express, and my need to stand my ground when it comes to realizing my dreams. What are the dreams or ideas that you're not daring to realize? xx

P.S. I just noticed the typewriter in the image has CORONA written on it. Got to love that!



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